Using Hyperterminal with your 68HC11 Module

Hyperterminal is a communication software program that comes with Windows NT and Windows 95/98.  It can be used as a terminal window for interacting with the demo program (or your own application) on your 68HC11 module.

Configuring HyperTerminal.

  1. Locate the HyperTerminal software program in the Windows menu system.

  2. It is under .
  3. You will need to set up the com port configuration.
    1. Go to the HyperTerminal properties setup. 
    2. Click on the Connect To tab. 
    3. Make the appropriate "CONNECT USING" selection (eg. Direct to COM2).
    4. Click on the CONFIGURE button, and select "2400, 8, None, 1, and None" for the settings; then click OK.  (Note:  2400 baud is the rate the demo program expects in standard (ie. 8 MHz) boards.  If you have a "turbo" board, see your manual for the correct baud rate.)